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Featured Employers

Customer Service

Agbara, Lagos Full Time

Brief Job Description Check to ensure that appropriate changes were made to resolve customers problem Compare disputed merchandise with original

Graphic Designer

Agbara, Lagos Freelance

Brief Job Description Liaising with clients to determine their requirements and budget Managing client proposals from typesetting through to design,

Head of Technical

Anywhere Full Time

Brief Job Description Monitor broadcasting operations to ensure proper functioning Determine technical requirements of productions or projects Manage content of

Featured Candidates

Egbewunmi Obasanjo

Nigeria, Lagos

I am dynamic, passionate professional who has acquired expansive skills and experience in Business development, Sales and Marketing,

Ohaeri Andrew

Nigeria, Lagos

To be a successful business administrator at the highest level of decision making in a corporate organization/institution while

Maborukoje Esther

Nigeria, Lagos

I am a Pharmacist with expertise in data management, targeted product positioning/growth, stakeholder management, project/initiative

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Our management team has serviced the interest of over 40 following companies directly and through collaborative/Partnership arrangements satisfactorily in signature areas of training, restructuring, corporate recruitment, business consultancy and other customized solutions.

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This is our dream... this is our ideology... As Japan built from Hiroshima Nagasaki to a brick economy, Afconrecruit will build strong macro economies (businesses and employees) through structure, processes, talent development, Information technology and the AF factor. Follow us into a new world.. Read more

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