About Funmi Bajulaiye


I had a health challenge that took me in and out of hospital while growing up (at some point I spent 6months in hospital). I would spend months in the hospital, but when I came back to school and joined the class, I will still come out 1st in class in my Secondary School, Atlantic Hall. My mind  had a lot of questions, I was reading beyond the text book pages. I was seeing the problems that the information taught could address immediately. Many nights I couldn’t sleep because my solutions and business models will come to my mind, from secondary school through university. While at the University of Kent, I tried my hands on building some of those business models.   I simply wanted to get the world around me to a balance; a utopia. I got so fascinated with Japan’s story of building from a point of zero.


  1. I wanted to those who required jobs, to get jobs
  2. I wanted business to get so efficient in process and structure,  that their production would impact the economy positively
  3. I wanted the businesses to get and raise excellent staff that could compete globally.
  4. I wanted to staff to be the best and bring solutions and innovation to companies
  5. I wanted the poverty level to drop.
  6. I wanted to understand and modify this thing called work.
  7. I wanted to help give a voice and expression to businesses

And here I am 15 years later, talking to you. I am now a wife and mother of 2 great sons (3years old and 1year old). Doctors though it impossible for me to give birth and do soo many things , by the way, but Jesus made it possible.

I built this niche business by grace and network, called Afconrecruit and we are now Global pacesetters in harnesses productivity. We helped over 100 people get jobs, we have built staff solutions in over 20 businesses, we have trained over 500 candidates but I want to do soo much more

If you own a business, what to start a business, have job, want to change job or want to get a job; I have a myriad solutions that could help you advance and I wake up with fresh ones every day.

I love to  be a part of your success story!

About Afconrecruit Ltd

AFCONRECRUIT LTD is team of professional dedicated to the success of your organization in the area of People, Processes and Financial management. We have been registered since 2012 to provide solutions through two distinct arms: Business Solutions and Personal Career Solutions.

Global Pacesetters in Harnessing Productivity

• Imagine a world where processes are seamless.
• Imagine economies with productive and efficient business operations.
• Imagine a Labour Market pool where staff are highly skilled, talented, courteous and profitable resources.
• Imagine macro economies where everyone is engaged through work and business.


Sophistication: We pride ourselves in the package of our service delivery: Professional Communication and worldclass documentation. Sophistication is our style in consultancy.

Over-delivery: Every task is aimed at the point of over-delivery, which is surpassing the clients expectation. A mix of Initiative, Diligence, Persistence and Excellence gets us to the point of over-delivery.

Client focus: We value and appreciate all our clients for patronage. Customer feedback drives strategy and our focus is customer absolute satisfaction.

Conquest: For us, every challenge is a conquest, we see angels in storms and let nothing stand in our way to achieve success. Every project we handle is a success. Afoncrecruit is not for the lily-livered!

Innovation: Fresh, Original, Novel, are trademarks of the products and services we offer at Afconrecruit.

Honesty: we must be honest, in order to find real solutions to errors of judgment. Transparency helps us live light and jump high.

This is our dream… this is our ideology… As Japan built from Hiroshima Nagasaki to a brick economy, Afconrecruit will build strong macro economies (businesses and employees) through structure, processes, talent development, Information technology and the AF factor. Follow us into a new world…


Our Solutions For Businesses Include

  • 360 Business Automation solution
  • Staff Management Solutions
  • Content Writing
  • Data Analysis and Management
  • Trainings, Retreat, Workshop and
  • Recruitment and International
  • Productivity surveillance (Mystery shopping)

Our Personal Career Solutions are delivered through our Online Shop