To become what companies want, you must be aware of the dynamics that surround their choices & component of your battle.  Companies employ people to help them achieve their goals.

Recruitment and Selection methods are designed to attract people who will add value to the organization strategically and financially.

Strategic Contributor:

Someone whose focus is to help companies achieve their total objective such as Increasing market share, attaining a particular revenue bracket, developing innovative products e.t.c.

Financial Contributor:

Is someone who will explore all options to bring in money to an organization.

As job seekers, it is important for you to have a specialized skill and focus on your area of specialization. This will guarantee you a well-paying job.

In order to know how to fit into the contemporary labour market, you need to be aware of what characterizes the current climate and what makes it different from the past. Labour market dynamics must be carefully analysed by current job seekers to guarantee survival and market relevance.

A candidate today must offer more value than certification to a potential employer to become employable. 

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