Transformation happens in the mindset of individuals and zeal to obtain a newly acquired position.

The corporate organization pulls together people, processes and capital to ensure constant service delivery to the marketplace. Promoting a good staff is an opportunity for the organization to expand & earn better. Climbing the corporate ladder can be worked out with a formula to get you your next promotion.

Target Delivery: Meeting your target will put you on the management’s promotion radar.

Appearance: Excellent dress sense & hygiene does not just get you into the organization but keeps you going up the ladder in your organization.

Knowledge: Information is key to any successful organization. To build your knowledge reservoir, open up information channels by signing up with a newsletter, RSS feed & relevant groups to keep you updated.

Career Development: Involves improving your skills, abilities & Qualifications regularly, enhances your chances of being at the top of your game.

Professionalism: Professionalism connotes carrying out tasks diligently, timely, effectively, courteously, communicatively with high-level of expertise.

Promotion is given as a result of your demonstration to management that you have a total understanding of the organizational goal aligned with your personal goal and objective in climbing up your corporate ladder of success.

Curled from Becoming who companies want courtesy: AfconRecruit Limited.

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