Qualification: BSc/BA in Computer Science

Experience: 5 Years

Location: Lagos State


WEBSITE MASTER manages web pages, sites and applications. They coordinate the design, development, deployment and maintenance of a company’s online presence. They are responsible for web developers and graphic artists that work in their department.


• Business Knowledge
• Knowledge about design elements
• Knowledge of Graphics design software
• knowledge of website management tools.
• Knowledge of web analytics and SEO.


• Design talent
• Engineering ability
• Social awareness
• Business aptitude
• Legal knowledge


• Ability to analyze and critically assess problems
• Ability to see the big picture as well as giving attention to the smallest detail
• Ability to communicate effectively.
• Ability to learn digital design platforms
• Ability to generate creative ideas.
• Strong troubleshooting and analytical abilities.


• Build functional and easy-to-use websites.
• Test websites across browsers, operating systems and devices.
• Maintain, configure and troubleshoot servers.
• Ensure site security by setting up firewalls and login pages.
• Optimize loading speeds and capacity.
• Debug pages and fix broken links or images.
• Update website content and review SEO
• Monitor and analyze site performance (e.g. traffic, conversions)
• Address user complaints

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