Politics they often say is a dirty game, we at Afconrecriut Limited say it’s not dirty. Certain individuals who played it have played it dirty. You can make a difference.

Politics is found in every stratum of the society where you have more than two people striving for a particular resource. The game of Corporate Politics is what every employee plays either directly or indirectly? The desire, hopes of fulfilling the organizational goal, promotions, salary increment, appraisal e.tc. Are part of the corporate politics?
However, an employee cannot play the game of Corporate Politics if he/she does not possess the required qualities.

An employee needs to be aware that his personal objectives for retention, promotion and others have to be validated by the people community within his workplace.  These qualities and campaigns will be based on two classifications.
 Classification based on Personality
 Classification according to Stakeholders.


The four major types of personality in the workplace are as follow:
Brash Personality: the easily angered and irritated ones, you win their vote, you have people to fight for you
Reporter: The office gossip. Their job is just to announce your actions to the public.
Diplomat: The supportive ones, they give everyone the chance to succeed. Let them know they can vote for you.
Introvert: The quiet ones, Earn their vote by becoming their voice.


Clients: some employee cannot be fired from an organization simply because if they go 70% of the client will go. Earn their vote by offering them exceptional customer care.

The office a man holds in the workplace determines the way he must be approached and addressed when campaigning to win. The campaign strategies must be focused on 3 major stakeholders: Management, Client and colleagues.

You must understand that your skills and abilities are at the mercy of people interplay. Strengths, Skills and Qualifications alone are not the keys to succeeding in the Labour Market but the highlighted tactics and your character are the more important factors.

When your personal objective becomes the objective of the majority in your office, this will get you the next Promotion, Bonus or Special assignment you desire for.

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