Do you own an enterprise, do you work with an enterprise? Or are you about to start one? Our Enterprise Resource Planning app called ERPRevolution has all the tools you need to effect excellent results in business. ERPRevolution can be deployed offline or online depending on our client’s preference.

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End to End Point of Sales
ERPRev makes selling to customers via smart phones, tablets and PC a walk in the park. We offer invoicing options that makes selling to your customer fast and easy.
ERPRev is compatible with cash registers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, thermal printers and customer display poles thus making the sales experience memorable for our client and their customers

Robust Inventory System
With ERPRev you can do bulk stock adjustments, view general stock card, do and view inward and outward returns. View stock warehouse-wide sheet, do stock transfers to multiple warehouses.
Also view product demands, view products demand comparison, register warehouses and even manage raw materials for organizations that produces their own items. You can manage production participants and use production requirement calculator to determine value of raw materials required to make specific products.

Customer Relations Management
Customer is King and that’s why ERPRev makes it easy to register your customers, view customer ledger, analyze customer patronage, send merged emails and SMS to your customers with few clicks of the button.
You can identify your top customers based on products bought or services rendered over a stipulated timeframe. Quotations, invoices, receipts, credit and debit notes can easily be raised for your customers in ERPRev. It’s also possible to set credit limit for customers and special discount level for them.

Dynamic Dashboard Gadgets
Just like an intelligent automobile, ERPRev provides different system users with a dynamic dashboard gadget based on their role in the organization.
The gadgets includes daily, weekly and monthly financial summary , memo, general statistics like top 10 selling products, top 10 selling services, top 10 most used raw materials , top 10 customers for the month, top 10 highest rate suppliers , budget summary, product stock re-order level, raw materials stock re-order level , last 20 requisitions, logged in users, company notice board etc.

Numerous Strategic Reports/Charts
In ERPRev, you can easily view receipts analyzer, compare receipts versus expenses, compare invoice versus receipts, analyze expenses, analyze invoices, do users sales comparison, view users sales curve, view VAT analyzer, view daily financial summary and periodic financial summary.
Our clients can also analyze individual customer’s patronage over any stipulated period of time with ease. We’re constantly updating this list based on request from our numerous clients.

Real-Time Notifications Services
In ERPRev, notifications via SMS and push notifications are possible whenever the following activities are triggered:
Received memo, sent memo, expense editing, expense deletion, bank transaction deletion, stock intake editing, stock intake deletion, warehouse stock transfer, stock adjustment, raw materials usage editing, new requisitions, payment voucher transactions, payment voucher deletion, customer transaction reversion, invoice and payment receipts transactions etc.

Multi-Currency/ Multi-Location
ERPRev clients on premium and ultimate plans can enable multi-office location system and multi-currency system respectively. With the help of the user’s geo-location tracker feature, business owners can monitor the actual location where their staffs are operating from at any point in time.
The system-users time/IP/device restricted access also makes it possible to ensure that only authorized users can access ERPRev accounts with approved devices.


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