1. Ensure you fill in all aspects of the resume online form and Provide full contact details (email and phone). Copy the full content of your CV and Paste in the Box titled ‘Resume Content’ .  Follow instructions from the ‘Apply for A Job” section to create interview video and paste link in the ‘Video Link’ box .

Note: An improperly filled resume disqualifies you from any application.

2. To validate your resume submission, click the Your Test links on the page where you see the position advertised.

3. Go to your email address to check your username and create password.

4. Login with your username and password to view Candidate Dashboard ( Click Candidate under the Menu) and Edit resume or Apply for new Jobs.

5. Apply for Jobs You qualify for. If you don’t apply for any job, you will not be invited for any interview. Click the Find A Job button under Candidates to search for jobs:

When you find a job you qualify for, simply click the create interview video link to create your application video, then click the  Apply button to automatically send your resume, video link and default cover letter.

6. If you are found suitable for the role you apply for, you will be  invited to meet with our client.

For enquires or Support click link to watch our How to Apply for a Job Video or  call/ chat on our Help line 09023173675 between 9.00am to 4.00pm GMT +1


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