Such a young executive that combines wisdom and business acumen in the execution of her responsibilities. Her work speaks for itself. Afconrecruit has made giant strides in their partnership with corporate organizations and individuals, and their interest in the overall development of the youth segment of our country is one worthy of commendation and emulation.
Funmi is an Amazon of our time and generation. Her contribution to the Nigerian economy through her works and entrepreneurship is quintessential.

Afconrecruit has played an invaluable role in my current career. In December 2014, I was given an opportunity to change companies and I had Afconrecruit re-design my CV. Out of almost 1000 CVs’ worldwide, mine was picked due to the excellent presentation and I was invited for the interview
With a sharp mind, ability to think outside the box and diverse resourcefulness , I recommend Afconrecruit Limited to everyone who requires their services.

Funmi is a persistent young entrepreneur whose passion is infectious. She is an example to any young person on never giving up on your dreams. Her patience and particularly her perseverance would have been quite annoying if it was not so inspiring. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in getting results from their consultant/worker.

I entered “The Miracle Manager” programme offered by Afconrecruit in March 2015 – and it was quite the learning experience!
As someone who has worked in a variety of indigenous and multinational organizations, achieved a number of professional qualifications and attended trainings and in Nigeria and abroad, I found the  modules were extremely informative and interactive, while the follow-up exercises and case studies were the perfect opportunity to cement learning in a practical and refreshing fashion. Well done Afconrecruit!

I learnt how to make myself a valuable asset to my employee. I learnt how to become that employee that my employer can’t do without, l learnt how I can add value and be valuable to my organization. Thanks so much Mrs. Funmi, the lecture was worth the while.

I have learnt about value and applying value to the international ethics makes one stand out with your customer and organization.

I learnt for one to hit the target in an organization he/she must be a good team player.

I’ve learnt that my value is what makes me stand out from the crowd and makes me indispensable.