The contract of work is an exchange of Skills & Time for money in an agreed manner.

The working contract is an agreement that states the expectations of both the Employer & Employee.

It shows the Employee how to keep his/her Job irrespective of working arrangements & external fluctuations.

“The effort required to keep a Job is equivalent to the effort required to get a Job.”

According to the Nigerian Labour Law Act of 1974, the contract of Employment includes:

  • Name of Employer/Employee
  • Name & Address of the Employee
  • Name of his Employment (Link: More).

Now you have signed and convinced your employer, how do you determine the Longevity of the employment? Four major factors are responsible for Longevity of the employment:

  • Diligence
  • Self-development
  • Initiative
  • Innovation

Keeping your Job is a matrix of your Mental, Physical & controlled Emotional involvement in the organization.


  1.  If you as a person required help in any ramification, will you take help from the one who will just deliver on your specifications or one who will offer you a little extra?
  2. How will you ensure that you keep your Job & satisfy the employer?

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