Work Place Productivity

Workplace productivity is a term referring to how much work is accomplished in a work environment (for example, an office, construction site or laboratory) and how efficiently workers complete tasks at their workplaces.

A caption on workplace productivity as stated by the Department of Labour is “Productive workplaces are built on teamwork and a shared vision of where a business is heading. There’s a willingness at all levels to keep learning and investing in skills”

Any effective and successful business understands the importance of productivity in the workplace. Being productive can help the firm increase and utilize the capacity of the human resources it has. Most productive companies have happy and healthy employees, which are the basis of a successful organization

It’s not the hours that an employee spent at work that matters but the work that an employee put in those hours.

The classic workplace productivity formula is simple: Productivity = Output ÷ Input. Variations of productivity measurements include
• Tasks per day
• Client leads generated
• Sales made
• Orders delivered
• Goods manufactured
• New and creative solutions

Here are 12 ways to improve workplace productivity in your office.

1. Gamification
2. Motivation
3. Prioritise tasks
4. Break times
5. To do lists
6. Feedback and Delegation
7. Break the Routine
8. The Right Equipment
9. Ambience
10. Flexibility
11. Work Station Popcorn
12. Training

Follow this blog post for details of all 12 steps…


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